Protect Yourself At The ATM: Scammers Have A New Way To Steal Your Info


Have you heard of card skimmers? They are devices that can be placed on top of ATMs to steal your card information and your money.

We have some tips to spot them and keep your money safe.

We all use ATMs on the regular, so this warning applies to everyone.

If you’re not looking, it’s easy to miss a card skimmer.

It looks like part of the machine, and thieves can easily install them on a real ATM in mere seconds.

If something looks suspicious about the ATM you’re using or it looks shady at all, pass on it and find another.

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Thieves also need your PIN number to use your card. They even install cameras near ATMs to record what numbers you punch in. One simple thing you can do to protect your account is to shield the numbers you punch in with your other hand. It’s so easy and effective, but hardly anyone does it.

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You may not always be able to tell that a skimmer is there, so the best thing to do is to monitor your cards regularly and call the bank immediately if you notice any fraudulent charges.

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It’s sad but true: fraudulent use of cards happens all the time, and banks have systems for helping when it happens to you.

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Cards with embedded chips are a good way to keep bad guys out of your bank account. There is no way for skimmers to read your chip, so go to places that have chip readers when possible.

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While it’s good to know what to look for, you can be consumed with worry if you think about it too much. Be aware, and then let it go. Life is too short to let thieves steal your peace of mind!

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