She Put Dry Spaghetti In Her Crock-Pot And Topped It With CREAM CHEESE! When She Adds Sauce? OMG!


Get ready for the easiest and tastiest dinner you’ll make all summer!

With this recipe, you’ll more time than ever to relax by the pool because there’s barely any prep work and very few dishes to wash from it!

Jenny from Picky Palate came up with an awesome alternative way to make the all-time loved, classic spaghetti dish in the slow cooker!

“No boiling noodles, just throw it all into the Crock-Pot and dinner is done a few hours later,” Jenny wrote on her blog post about the recipe.

To make the simple and yummy dinner, the only thing Jenny had to cook in advance was her ground beef.

After that, she starting adding everything to the slow cooker, starting by pouring an entire jar of pasta sauce in the bottom.

On top of that went the spaghetti noodles, which she broke in half so that they would all fit in the Crock-Pot.

Jenny layered the ground beef she seasoned and cooked over the pasta.


Next came the cheese. She decided to go with a spaghetti classic: parmesan, but she also added a little twist: cream cheese!

“I added a little secret ingredient to my spaghetti… some cream cheese that makes for a creamy dreamy sauce,” Jenny wrote. “Be sure to try it.”

Lastly, over the cubes of cream cheese went a second jar of spaghetti sauce to cover everything.


Once it was all added, Jenny let the ingredients bake in the crock pot for about three hours.

At that point, she stirred everything together and added poured in one more jar of pasta sauce to thin out the thick mixture.

Jenny said you can also add a cup or two of chicken broth at this point if the sauce is still too thick.

An hour later the pasta was finished!


This is such a great recipe for feeding a crowd, and it tastes amazing!