> She Put IKEA Shelves On The Wall, Then Did THIS With The Couch. Brilliant!

She Put IKEA Shelves On The Wall, Then Did THIS With The Couch. Brilliant!


This IKEA hack is incredible! Simply buy IKEA wall-mounted shelves, hang them on the wall, then do THIS with the couch!

Something that a lot of people are doing nowadays is getting rid of their coffee tables.

Not only does this help to make the room look larger and open up more space, but it also provides space for other things… like an ottoman!

But, while ditching your old coffee table comes with a lot of perks, there is the problem of where you are going to keep your stuff.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem—and the blogger fromSuper NoVA Wife shared it on her awesome blog!

To make space for her stuff that used to be on the coffee table, she took IKEA wall-mounted shelves and turned them into a hidden sofa table behind her couch!

Brilliant, right?!
This way, there is still space to put your stuff, plus you have the open layout in front of the couch.

For this DIY trick, simply buy wall-mounted shelves, then hang them on the wall, right behind your couch.


Make sure you hang the shelves at the correct height—just level with the top of the couch, but still a little bit lower than the couch cushions.


This trick is also great if you have a reclining couch and are unable to have a coffee table.


Once you have the shelves on the wall, move the couch back, and put your stuff on it!


For more on this awesome DIY IKEA hack, check out Super NoVA Wife’s blog here!