The web is surrounded by a video in which we can follow a jogger from the city of Scotts Valley in California, when he became a real hero with his action.

During a sports activity, he noticed that one of the houses caught fire, causing him to take action without hesitation.

He rang the doorbell at first, but no one was home at the time. The owner talked to him through the security camera, and the runner explained to her that thick smoke was billowing from their house. Since there were pets inside the home, the owner told the jogger a code to unlock the door so he could save the animals.

The jogger quickly ran into the house, then got two dogs out of it first. He returned to the burning house to get a bunny and a cat, and the owner is grateful to him for his heroic deed. The man risked his life to save the lives of her pets.

See what scenes a security camera filmed during the fire in one of the houses. Respect to the jogger for such a heroic act with which he saved innocent animals!

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