These Random Posters And Flyers Will Have You Walking On Sunshine.


Your car broke down. Your bicycle requires wearing a helmet that will totally mess up your hair. Taking the bus to work isn’t an option, unless you want your commute to take twice as long and get elbowed in the stomach a bunch of times. It looks like you’re walking to work. Boring, right?

Well, at least you’ll have time to catch up on sidewalk watching.¬†Hey…what’s that white thing someone stapled 11,000x to the telephone pole? Hopefully it’s one of these goofy flyers.

1.) That’s comforting.

2.) I wish I could help, but I think I might be too dizzy for that.

3.) They seem like the man and woman for the job. Any job, really.

4.) It definitely looks familiar.

5.) How thoughtful.

6.) Busted.

7.) Hello?

8.) Where’s Matthew McConaughey when you need him?

9.) Where do I leave my unwanted comment?

10.) Did you intentionally not put the price on here, or did the printer crap out?

11.) YES.


12.) Polly want a confirmation that this is a joke?

13.) Yikes.

14.) No, sorry. I’m not a nerd.

15.) Oof.

16.) But I can see God in the flyer…and he’s wearing pants.

17.) There’s no such thing as “TMI” when you’re looking for your lost dog.

18.) It’s nice to be helpful, but if you see this, run.

19.) May the best Wookiee win.

20.) Um, what happens if you already ate the rainbow sherbet?

I don’t know who’s taking time out of their days to post funny things to telephone poles, but thank you. These are much more entertaining than a piece of paper telling you when the next garage sale is.