This Rare Duet Footage Was Nearly Lost Forever. Can You Recall Both Of Their Names? [WATCH NOW]


One of the greatest things that one can do to create something great is to collaborate with others.  It is extremely common in today’s music world with artists teaming up to make songs with sounds nobody could ever imagine.

That is exactly what Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand had in mind when they decided to sit down together and sing the all time classic “Hooray For Love”.

Barbra Streisand can be considered to be one of the most famous woman to ever exist in our society due to her immense acting capability and undeniable charm.

You may know her form the 1967 musical “Funny Girl” or her appearance in records.  Regardless of where you know her from, she is now 74 and still blessing the world with her talents and friendly smile.

In a clip from the 1963 show The Judy Garland Show, Garland has Streisand on the show and the two sing a duet, Hooray For Love, and not only does it sound beautiful but their happiness and charisma is amazing to watch.

The fast, upbeat style of the song matches their personalities and sets a fun, uplifting mood.

Garland has also had many other musicians on her show, including Barry Manilow, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion, and even the legendary Ray Charles.

If you want to see the amazing video of these two legendary entertainers, check out the video of them singing together below and let us know if you have any fond memories of any of the two women in the comments!