Recycling Company Is Finding A Cool Use For Old Cigarette Butts


There’s a lot of irony in taking something deadly and repurposing it into something beautiful. An innovative company called Terracycle is in the business of this irony. Terracycle’s purpose is to spread awareness of environmental issues and stimulate actions and habits that promote a healthier environment. One of their latest initiatives is getting a lot of attention because it’s using a highly wasted material like never before.

According to a litter prevention site, cigarette butts are the most littered item the U.S. We see them virtually everywhere we walk outside. In fact, the habit of littering cigarette butts has grown so enormous that it’s socially acceptable to flick a cigarette to the ground, stomp on it, and leave it there. Thanks to a creative project launched by Terracycle, cigarette butts can be put to a much better use than piling up along streets.