> Repurpose An Old Mint Container Into A Trendy Headphone Holder

Repurpose An Old Mint Container Into A Trendy Headphone Holder


Here’s a quick and easy craft that will make you the envy of all of your friends!

We’re pretty big fans of doing it yourself here at viral tales. Why go out and buy something whenyou can make just about anything thanks to a little help from the internet? My favorite thing about DIY projects is that inspiration can come from practically anywhere. Just take a look at these 11 amazing candles you can make for less than $1. Who would have thought you can make such creative gifts using things like crayons, film, glitter and sprinkles?!

Crafts are always fun to do, but when they’re super simple and very useful, it makes putting the effort in that much more worthwhile. As someone who commutes two hours to and from work everyday, my headphones are one of the most valuable things in my purse. That’s why this next project is heaven-sent for me and anyone else who is sick and tired of their headphones getting tangled everywhere.

In the following video, we learn to make an easy and cute headphone holder that you can attach onto a purse, phone case or wallet. However, the very best part of this project is that it’ll keep your headphones wrapped up nicely, so you’re less likely to misplace them.

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