Rescue dog spent 12 days alone in a shelter, can’t stop kissing new owner after being adopted


There are some who say dogs don’t have feelings, but moments like these prove just the opposite.

There are also those who say rescued dogs are rough and difficult to get along with when, in reality, they have tremendous amounts of affection and kindness to offer. Some rescued dogs might need time to trust and warm up to their new owners, while others fall in love with them from the very beginning.

Love was in the air when a newly rescued dog arrived at her new home. After spending almost two weeks in a shelter alone and abandoned, this lovable pooch couldn’t have been more happy to once again be part of a family. She became instantly attached to her new parents, and wasted no time in showing them just how much they already meant to her.

Grateful to her dad for adopting her, she smothered him in kisses and wagged her tail in pure bliss. After all, dogs want nothing more than to have a family to kiss and shower with love. This pup adores her new family, and from what we’ve seen in this video, she has no intentions of ever letting go.


Watch the adorable clip below to see this dog’s endless display of affection. Caution: hearts may melt.

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