> Rough Old Biker Proves Why You Should NEVER Judge A Book By Its Cover

Rough Old Biker Proves Why You Should NEVER Judge A Book By Its Cover


Debra Granik first met Ron “Stray Dog” Hall when she cast him as the nasty villain of her critically acclaimed 2010 film, “Winter’s Bone.” On the outside, Stray Dog is your typical rough-and-tough, leather-clad, tattooed biker dude — he’s intimidating to say the least. But once Debra got to know the war veteran, she began to admire his loving nature. She was so taken by Stray Dog that she decided to film another movie — only this time, it was a documentary that followed the every day life of Stray Dog himself.

You’re about to meet a man whose heart is just as big as his stature. He loves animals, children, and his wife. My favorite part of the trailer below is when Stray Dog sits down on the couch and lets three tiny kittens crawl all over him. It’s clear he’s got a heart of gold. Stray Dog is also devoted to fellow veterans who struggle with PTSD that so often follows soldiers home from the battlefield.

“Stray Dog” is described by movie critic Dean Treadway as “a pitch-perfect portrait of an unconventional father and husband, and of a terrifically tenacious advocate for those whose voices are hailed while in service of their country, but whose needs are often forgotten once their duty is done.”

Watch the incredible trailer for “Stray Dog” below, and please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook. Just goes to show, you should never judge a book by its cover.