Rude Man Catcalls Woman In Green Dress, Then She Removes Her Wig To Reveal She’s His Mother


Disrespecting women is never okay, and who better teach that to men than their own mothers?

In 2015, a TV show in Lima, Peru selected two mothers — whose grown sons were deemed offensive catcallers — to participate in a viral social experiment intended to teach their sons a lesson about sexual harassment.

The moms are given drastic makeovers before heading out onto the streets to experience their sons’ bad behavior firsthand.

Hidden cameras, which are set up down the block, capture the men catcalling just as they normally would — only they have no idea they’re doing it to the women who gave them life, and that’s it’s all caught on camera. One guy even goes so far as to call his mom “piggy.” Another says, “tasty panties!”

The moms, of course, stop dead in their tracks, turn around and take off their wigs. Once the men realize their shocking identities, they try backpedaling on their inappropriate comments. But it’s already too late. Let the humiliation commence.

Hopefully, this is enough to scare them off from harassing women ever again.

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