> Scared Stray Chihuahua Is Rescued And Nursed Back To Health

Scared Stray Chihuahua Is Rescued And Nursed Back To Health


In this video, Hope for Paws proves once again the power of animal rescue. Back in July of 2015, a homeless Chihuahua was living on the streets of Los Angeles for several months. Neighbors fed her as much as possible, but she wouldn’t let any humans get close enough to rescue her. She was frightened, filthy, starving and in desperate need of some medical care.

The patient volunteers take their time, slowly earning the trust of the dog they named “Jenny.” After a bath and a surgery to fix her cherry eye, this once timid and scared dog transitioned into a loving and sweet animal  but it’s more than six months later, and Jenny is still in need of her forever home. With the holiday season upon us, there’s no better time than now to help Jenny begin her brand-new chapter.

Animal hero Annie Hart  from Rescue From The Hart  told us, “This sweet girl has waited so long to find a loving family to call her own and her only Christmas wish is to find a home for the holidays.” Jenny is spayed, microchipped, fecal-tested, dewormed, flea- and heartworm-treated, up-to-date with shots, house-trained, good with kids, and good with dogs. She’s affectionate, playful, and active.

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To adopt Jenny, visit Smooch Pooch Rescue. To donate to Hope for Paws (just $5 can help save a life), click here.