Scientists Have Finally Discovered The Real Reason Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads


No matter what breed of dog you own, there’s a good chance that you’ve spotted your pup tilting his head to the side. He might even do it all the time.

When dogs tilt their heads, you just think they’re being cute, but a recent study dug deeper in the science behind the canine head tilt.

What they discovered is possibly even more adorable than you ever could have imagined!

There are a number of reasons why your dog tilts it end. First of all, they actually know how cute it is! Sometimes, they’ll even use the head tilt if they sense you are angry with them. Given how most of us respond to it, they might have picked up on the fact that it’s not a bad tactic.

On a practical level, however, it has more to do with how your pup processes the world around them. As much as we’d like to think it’s just our puppies being incredibly cute, it’s not that simple.


Though there’s no scientific confirmation on this just yet, many believe that our dogs actually tilt their heads so they can see our facial features better. That’s right—they just want to see you more clearly!

Even dogs with short muzzles can find their full view blocked by their noses. Especially when they’re looking at you “down their nose,” so to speak. It’s just an awkward angle for them!


Outside of the human voice, dogs mostly rely on how our mouths move in order to fully understand us. Not only that, but they are extremely skilled at reading our facial expressions.

So when they are confused and can’t understand us, they will adjust their heads accordingly, usually with a tilt. Sometimes, getting a better angle on something is just the best way to understand it!


In case learning this information wasn’t cute enough on its own, there’s something else that’s heart-meltingly adorable about those head tilts. This one, though, you’ll have to see to understand…


They’re even cuter in gif form! That’s right, it’s time for a gif party! Just look at these pugs tilting their heads! They’re just trying to get a better angle so they can understand you. How cute!


You know what they say: the more the merrier! How adorably confused do these puppies look? That’s just about enough to make your day, oh, 1,000,000 times better, isn’t it? We thought so.

No matter how many times you see a dog pull one of these, it never seems to get old! That’s just how it works, though, when you’re man’s best friend. Carry on with the cuteness, Mr. Corgi!


There’s no doubting that the more we learn about dogs, the more we love them. We wonder what the next big piece of research will tell us? Hopefully, it will involve more adorable gifs like these ones!

So the next time your dog gives you this funny look, you’ll know just what it means!

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