See This Box Of Toothpicks? What This Guy Does With It Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor.


When we look at a box of toothpicks… we probably just see a box of toothpicks. Bob Morehead, however, sees so much more. Bob has spent years and countless toothpicks (over 300,000) creating his unique sculptures. The intricate buildings he creates become a part of something bigger: his toothpick city.

His biography on is simply this: I create things with toothpicks. It may not sound like much, but when you see what this toothpick genius can do, your jaw may just drop. His profile just made the understatement of the year.

Source: Bob Morehead via Design Stack

Bob’s sculptures aren’t some flimsy toothpick towers, either. Some of his creations are three layers thick, re-enforced and structurally sound. So the next time you’re at a diner and you’re building a tiny log cabin out of toothpicks… know that Bob Morehead probably just finished paving an entire street with cobblestones made from the very same thing. Share his awesome work with others.