Selfless Couple Raises Nine Children With Down Syndrome


Like something out of a fairytale, Dave and Jane Daulton met when they were little kids, grew up together, fell in love and got married. They live in Pennsylvania and had five biological children — Mike, Brian, Bill, Tommy, and Liz.

The Daultons were shocked when they gave birth to their son Tommy, who has Down syndrome. At first, they were thrown by the diagnosis and tried to pray for God to “fix” Tommy. But eventually, Dave and Jane realized that praying for Tommy not to have Down syndrome would mean Tommy would be a different child altogether — and they realized Tommy was a perfect blessing just the way he is. Their family was complete, or so they thought.

In 1985, tragedy struck. Their son Brian died at the age of 4 after suffering a bad reaction to anesthesia. Dave and Jane were forever changed.

Five years later, Jane had a dream about a baby with Down syndrome. Shook by the strange yet fascinating vision, Jane knew she better pay attention. She and Dave were suddenly drawn to the idea of adoption, and not just any adoption — but the adoption of a child with Down syndrome.

Never could the Daultons guess that that one dream — five years after Brian’s death — would lead to so many more surprises. Wait until you see how this family grew and grew over the past 20 years.

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