> She’s Ready To Give Up, But When The Horse Does This, My Jaw Dropped

She’s Ready To Give Up, But When The Horse Does This, My Jaw Dropped


You’re about to meet an incredible woman named Alycia Burton — a twenty-something horse trainer who has practically branded her own type of riding. She jumps mainly bareback, without bridals.

A couple years back, Alycia posted on Facebook a few photos of Classic Goldrush, her gorgeous Palomino Paint horse who came to her untrained. Now, Alycia, Goldrush, and their mind-blowing jumps are internet sensations with millions of views on YouTube. But it’s Alycia’s journey to internet stardom that makes her so fascinating.

Alycia grew up around horses in her New Zealand hometown, but her passion for horses wasn’t fully realized. At age 22, she hit rock bottom and struggled with alcohol abuse. She quit school when she was just 15. She says she had nothing, and she was ready to give up on living a satisfying life.

One day, Alycia was driving home and passed the City Impact Church. She said to herself and to God, “I’m done. What are you going to do with me now?” It was in that moment a voice told her to turn her life around.

Alycia started attending that very church where everyone made her feel so welcome. Her newfound faith led her to her ultimate calling — working with horses.

Alycia says she feels a “buzz” when she rides horses. Unlike alcohol, this type of buzz is healthy for the mind, body, and spirit. She concentrates on working with “damaged” horses who are considered dangerous and unsafe. She identifies with troubled horses the most because she was once damaged, too.

Watch Alycia’s video below, and see why her work with horses is so revered. I didn’t think I could love horses any more. Even when a horse fails to jump properly, she never gives up on the horse. She’s unbelievable!

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