After He Showed Me His Method To Killing Mosquitos I Haven’t Been Bit In My Yard Since


One of the only negatives of summer is the addition of those pesky mosquitoes. And they always seem to be there when we least want them, buzzing around during an outdoor wedding ceremony, circling our plates while we dine on the patio, and pestering us on outdoor walks and hikes.

And for some reason, mosquitoes tend to flock to some people more than others, which ends up wreaking havoc on the skin of those who are victims to the bug bites. The everlasting itch is hard to avoid, and there are some remedies that serve a purpose in relieving the pesky presence. Citronella candles and bug spray are some of the preventative measures that people have taken in the past, but there is one new method that doesn’t involve spraying your skin with chemicals and having to tote around bulky candles.

In the video below you will learn how to not just avoid being bitten by the bug, but you will read the bugs from your life forever. Follow these instructions to make your own mosquito trap. These traps have the potential to kill off thousands of mosquitoes every night.

Host Dan Rojas, guides us through the process.

First of all, you will need a high-velocity fan. A MaxxAir High Velocity Air Circulator is one example that will do the trick and you can purchase this at Home Depot. You will also need some fine mesh mosquito netting, 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and a few heavy duty magnets.

Once you have gathered your supplies, you will cut a piece of the mosquito netting, making sure it is big enough to cover one side of the fan. Make sure that the cord of the fan is tucked in close to the fan, so it doesn’t get in the way. Then, take your heavy duty magnets and use them to fasten the netting onto one side of the fan. They should keep the netting in place.

Next, you will get your rubbing alcohol, and dilute it with 50% water, placing the mixture in a spray bottle. The water makes it less flammable and believe it or not, works better in killing the mosquitoes. Then spray the netting evenly, making sure not to get the motor in the center of the fan. Place a piece of white cardboard in front of the fan and spray some more of the mixture on this material This allows you to easily remove the netting and loosen the mosquito remains onto the board. As the mosquitos are being caught onto the netting, you will be able to watch and see when your netting looks like it is at capacity.

When you feel that you’ve captured enough mosquitos, simply turn off the fan and remove the netting, allowing it to fall onto the white board. They mosquito parts should fall off easily.

And the best part is, there is no cleaning hassle! Because the alcohol mixture disintegrates, you can leave the mosquito smorgasbord our for other wildlife to enjoy for a meal.