Soldier returns home after 9 months away, meets his 4-month-old daughter for very first time


Our brave military heroes makes immense sacrifices in order to preserve our right to freedom. They sacrifice time with their family and friends in order to serve active duty in various destinations across the world. Often, this comes with no guarantee of a return.

When U.S. Navy Lieutenant Dan Haws left for Afghanistan in 2009, he was forced to leave behind not only his wife, but their firstborn as well. You see, Dan was forced to leave while his wife was pregnant. She was only five weeks away from her due date when he left.

The soldier was not present when his child was born, but when he finally returned in 2010, he finally got the chance to meet his beautiful 4-month-old daughter for the first time. And the reunion couldn’t be more precious.

Ryan Southwell, a filmmaker, had an opportunity to document the emotional journey which you can find in the video below.

He says, “You can’t help but feel some of the patriotism when he arrives home.”

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