He Spent A Year Serving Our Country Overseas. What Happens When He Walks In The Front Door? AMAZING


In order to fight for our freedom, our military men and women must make enormous sacrifices. One of the hardest things they must endure is the distance they have from their families. This is especially true while serving on active duty in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere around the world.

So when U.S. Navy Lieutenant Dan Haws was scheduled to come home after his tour of duty in Afghanistan, he could wait. Because he knew he had a special gift waiting for him.

When Haws first left for war, he didn’t only leave behind his wife but his unborn baby as well. His wife was still pregnant when Dan left home and went away to fight.

She was actually just five weeks away from her due date when Haws shipped off to Afghanistan.

Although the dad wasn’t there when his baby was born, he couldn’t wait to come home and see her.

The ensuing video shows the soldier meet his 4-month old baby girl for the first time. And the moment couldn’t be any more beautiful!

The filmmaker, Ryan Southwell, was blessed with the opportunity to witness the roller coaster of emotions and share with you in the clip below.

 “You can’t help but feel some of the patriotism when he arrives home,” Southwell says.

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