> She Sprays Her Toddler With A Garden Hose. Seconds Later His Skin Is Peeling Off. The Cause? WARNING

She Sprays Her Toddler With A Garden Hose. Seconds Later His Skin Is Peeling Off. The Cause? WARNING


One Arizona mom has a warning that will make many parents cock their head in confusion. While enjoying a warm sunny day out in the yard, she is warning other parents to always check their garden hoses before letting their young children play with it.

Why? Because the scalding water that came out of the hose terribly burned her baby boy’s tender flesh. Now he’s recovering from the tragedy…

Apparently, Dominique Woodger, the baby boy’s mother, was using the garden hose to fill up a small kiddie pool for her 9-month-old son when her baby boy started crying uncontrollably.

She had no idea what had gone wrong, until she turned around and looked at his blistering skin…

Because Woodger had playfully sprayed her baby boy with the garden hose, she assumed he didn’t like the water hitting his face. That would have been understandable, but then mom noticed that his flesh started turning red and then began to blister everywhere the water touched. He was burned…badly burned.

“I thought he was crying because he was mad … he hates when he gets sprayed in the face,” she said. “I didn’t think that it was burning him.”

The skin blistered so fast and it had begun to peel before his mom was even able to react.

“All of it was peeling. He had blisters all over the right side,” she told KNXV.

According to the news station, temperatures in Woodger’s part of Arizona had reached 115°F on Tuesday. That meant the water inside of the mom’s garden hose could have reached temperatures as high as 150°F on that superhot summer day.

“At those temperatures, something as short as a 10 or 30-second exposure can result in a second-degree burn,” said Capt. Larry Subervi with the Phoenix Fire Department.

Because her son was so young, his skin was very sensitive. Thankfully mom had only playfully sprayed her boy for a few seconds. Woodger’s baby suffered second-degree burns on 30 percent of his tiny body. But the little boy is expected to be okay. If she had hosed him down for any longer than that, he might have been too burned to recover from the dangerous incident.

Since her son was damaged by the hot Arizona tap water coming from her garden hose, Woodger wants other parents to heed her warning.

“Just be careful. Touch it before you let your kids near it,” she said.

Have you ever experienced heat waves like this?

Over the last century, average temperatures in Arizona and many other parts of the United States have risen more than 5°F.

This is due to climate change. If people keep adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, the average temperature around the world is expected to rise by at least 4 to 12°F by the year 2100. That means if it was 115 degrees in Phoenix on Tuesday, it could be 127 degrees in a few years. Imagine how damaged this baby boy’s skin would be then…

Rising temperatures mean glaciers and ice caps are melting and falling off into the ocean. This causes water levels to rise. Low elevation places like Florida and New Orleans might submerge soon. Climate change and global warming are a huge issue for America.

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