> She Stacked Pallets In The Spare Room And Then Did THIS With The Mattresses! The Result? SO MUCH FUN!

She Stacked Pallets In The Spare Room And Then Did THIS With The Mattresses! The Result? SO MUCH FUN!


Instead of using the room for something normal, they took everything out and filled it with pallets. Their reason is great.

This project just might take the cake for cool pallet projects. The wood is so versatile and can be used for a ton of different ideas, but none quite compare to the end result of this one.

The bloggers of 99 Pallets decided to collect pallets and connect them together to make a DIY home movie theater!

“You just need to have pallet wood in some bigger amount to accomplish sitting about eight to 10 family members in a comfortable manner,” the bloggers wrote on their post about the project.

The first thing they did to make it was stack two rows of pallets, side by side, to form a staircase.

Each new row is one pallet higher than the one before it. This one took twelve pallets to build in total: two for the first row, four for the second, and six for the third.


After nailing the wood together and adding extra support to make sure all the pallets could hold the weight of a group of people, it was time to move on to the next step.

To give the pallets a fresh look, they decided to stain it a black color. Then, they moved it into their extra room, which would later become the home theater.


The bloggers noted that this is something you could keep in an extra room, a bonus room, or even in the garage.

If you wanted, you could probably even get creative enough to find a way to keep it in the backyard for summer movie nights!

Once the pallets were stained, it was time to add some cushion.

Each step fit one entire mattress on it.


Obviously, the mattresses could be expensive, but you can probably find used mattresses in good condition that are affordable enough.

The final step was to add pillows and sheets to pull the whole thing together.


With fitted sheets thrown on top of the mattresses (which are easy to take off and clean popcorn grease from) and pillows piled everywhere, the project was completed.

They made the new coolest room in the house to hang out in, and probably the coziest, also!

Find more details about the project here.