> Step inside this stunning tiny cabin: the cozy fireplace isn’t even the best part

Step inside this stunning tiny cabin: the cozy fireplace isn’t even the best part


The tiny house movement is without a doubt becoming a popular trend. There’s no reason for the people cutting down on their square-footage to lead a spartan lifestyle though. Looks can be deceiving, and many of the tiny homes boast spacious interiors. This tiny home is the perfect example of that. While the outside is incredibly adorable, it’s the luxurious inside that has the internet in a jealous uproar.


This mini-cabin is on a gorgeous plot of woodland property. It may be compact, but it does not sacrifice any of the crowning features of a classic cabin. With its high ceilings and beautiful wooden details, it’s no wonder that the internet has been craving a stay at this cozy abode.


Upon entering you’re greeted with the beautiful natural elements that characterize this gorgeous home. Skylights and strategically placed windows are a very smart design element that allows for maximum natural light to enter the room. Aside from creating a warm environment, it also creates an energy-efficient lifestyle.


Moving into the kitchen, it continues to be clear that there is no need to give up the comforts of a regular sized home. This kitchen boasts plenty of counter space for preparing dinners or even socializing around the sleek center island. I am a big fan of the stacked storage in the corner of the room. It’s both visually appealing and useful.


The bathroom is nothing short of luxurious. The beautifully mixed tile creates an interesting play with textures in the surprisingly spacious room.


Every jealous bone in my body is aching for this master bedroom. The rustic feel of the architecture creates a cozy getaway that anyone would be crazy to leave. The decor is simple but still breathtaking.


From the outside the tiny home looks like there’s only enough room to sleep one, but when you go upstairs to the spacious loft, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that there is plenty of room for two more beds. With plenty of natural light to bounce off the beautiful wooden floors, this roomy loft is the perfect place to house guests. Who wouldn’t want to visit if you were living in such a comfortable space?


Thanks to this tiny gem of a house, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Forget having a cabin retreat, we want to live in this home year-round!

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