Steve Martin Doesn’t Feel Like Talking About Fallon’s Wife And Kids, So He Sings A Song About It


Steve Martin has done his fair share of late-night talk shows over the years. His very first TV appearance was on the Steve Allen Show in 1969, and since then he’s certainly made the rounds across the networks over the decades.

Martin is a man of many talents. You may be privy to the fact that he’s an incredibly talented and accomplished musician. He also considered becoming a professor while studying philosophy in college. But then he started to apply the concepts he was learning about in philosophy to his comedic endeavors, and that’s when he knew what his true calling was.

Martin wondered what would happen if he just kept building tension without the release of a punchline… so he gave it a try. This absurdist comedy was so refreshing, strange, and wonderful, it’s no wonder he’s become such a beloved performer.

For this Tonight Show appearance, though, Martin’s just about run out of stories to tell, and he’s over all the small talk about the host’s wife and kids. When Jimmy Fallon calls him out to the stage, he’s nowhere in sight.

When the camera cuts to Martin’s dressing room, he’s got quite the musical performance to give! I could watch Steve Martin all day, even if he is a little cranky.

This man’s a comedy genius, but when you combine that with his musical talent, totally priceless!

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