Stranger Calls Cops On Mom For Selling Babies, Turns Out They’re Only Dolls


Kathy Cadle and her sister Rachel Smith got an unbelievable visit from the police. The Lorain, OH, sisters were accused of human-trafficking babies.

It was all a great big misunderstanding.

Smith and Cadle make and sell lifelike dolls that look just like real babies. They also donate them to nursing homes as therapy dolls. When a stranger on Facebook saw they were selling the “babies,” they reported Cadle to the authorities.

When the Sheffield Lake police arrived at her door, Cadle told ABC 5 News that she was in disbelief.

“He asked to see the baby, and I brought it in. He shook his head, I wasn’t expecting this at all, like, wow, hey, there’s a cop. I said, ‘Nobody is going to believe this, can you take a picture with me and I can post it?’ He said, Sure, OK,’ and that was nice,” Cadle said.

The confusion was quickly sorted, and of course, no charges were pressed against Cadle or her sister. Cadle is quite pleased that her dolls are so convincing.

“A lot of people who develop dementia, they end up shutting down. They lose that sense of purpose in their life because they have a hard time functioning, and when they introduce the babies, it does something. It gives them purpose again, and they feel like they’re taking care of something, and it brings them back out of their shell,” Cadle said.

The crazy story is actually helping the sisters’ business. They have gotten requests from Canada all the way to Brazil since the news broke!

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