Stranger At The Mall Compliments Her Baby, But Mom’s Gut Tells Her Something Is Very Wrong


Kristen recently brought her 1-year-old son to the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream, Long Island. She was there to catch up on her holiday shopping. While using the bathroom at the Kohl’s department store to change her baby’s diaper, a complete stranger, a woman whom she’d never met, walked inside and said, “That is a beautiful baby.”

Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? But Kristen immediately had a strange feeling that something was off.

And that’s when things took a terrifying turn. Kristen noticed the woman began to walk around the bathroom and check underneath the stalls. The stranger then approached Kristen again, grabbed her baby’s arm, and demanded Kristen give her the baby.

“She put her hand on his forearm and as soon as she did that, I pushed her hand away and she said ‘Give me the baby’ again, a second time,” Kristen told WABC News.

Distraught and panicked, Kristen was able to escape from the bathroom, holding her son tightly in her arms. Luckily, Kristen found a helpful officer. Within minutes, he had eight other officers on the scene.

Now, the woman in suspect was wanted for an attempted abduction — and the police department has since released photos of the suspect and the car in which she fled.

Kristen is sharing her story with the hopes the suspect will be caught so that other parents don’t have to endure this nightmare…