Although it’s starting to get warmer and you probably have some yard work you could do, avoid it a little bit longer by using your rake for something else entirely!

Believe it or not, rakes are hot on the circuit of DIY projects and transformations. People use the old iron rakes to make the most creative things, and all of the ideas are so fun.

Here are 13 of the best DIY rake ideas that will make you run straight to the hardware store! (Or maybe just to your tool shed.)

1. Picture frame hanger


Don’t buy any more command hooks. As “easy” as they are to use, they aren’t that appealing to look at. Learn how to hammer a nail in a wall (and cover it up later on) and then use a pretty rake to hang a photo. Check it out here.

2. Jewelry organizer


A rake is perfect for hanging necklaces because you can use every single metal spike. Plus, anything can become pretty with a little bit of spray paint. Check it out here.

3. Mail sorter


Go ahead and set your rake on the entryway table. It will keep all those bills you need to pay standing up right where you can see them. Check it out here.

4. Oven mitten hooks


This is so cute for the kitchen. Plus, with the rake hanging upside down, you also have the perfect shelf for your beautiful roller pin. Check it out here.

5. Succulent planter


With mugs, a little soil, and some cacti or succulents, you can create the cutest vertical planter to hang on your fence. Check it out here.

6. Plate rack


Keep your fine china on display with a rake. (This one is actually a pitchfork, but both would work!) Check it out here.

7. Halloween pumpkin sign


Nothing screams fall quite like pumpkins — and for some reason rakes (for picking up all those pretty leaves)! When you put them together it’s a winning combination. Check it out here.

8. S’mores cooker


This one is a little different than the rest of these ideas, but it’s obviously worth mentioning. Who doesn’t want to make dozens of s’mores at once? Check it out here.

9. Tool storage


Yeah, you’re using a tool to organize your tools — that’s the point! It’s totally cute. Check it out here.

10. Kitchen decor


There’s something super cute about the way they mounted the rake and use it to store all their utensils and baking supplies! Check it out here.

11. Wine glass shelf


This is so simple to do and wonderful to enjoy. You can hang it on the wall near your bar so your guests always know where to find a glass. Check it out here.

12. Wreath


No one would ever expect a rake to look good stuck in a bouquet of flowers, but they sure proved that wrong. Check it out here.

13. Chalk rainbow


This is definitely something you’ll have to do with the little ones. They will go nuts and stay occupied for hours while you can focus on getting to all that yard work! Check it out here.



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