Take Camping To The Next Level With This Tent Mansion – It’s Bigger Than Most Apartments


Admittedly, not everyone enjoys sleeping in small tents, but this tent mansion by Cabela’s can definitely take your camping experience to the next level.


Many call it a home away from home, or even a complete and portable base camp.

Meet Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak tent, a huge ‘tent mansion’ which has more space than you could ever imagine. The Alaknak tent can hold up to eleven people and has massive dimensions of 13 by 27 feet. This tent is larger than most apartments!

As you can imagine, an entire family can fit in this tent, or just bring a couple of friends along as well! The sidewalls are also taller than average at five feet, which means you definitely won’t have the urge to become claustrophobic inside.


You can use this tent for camping parties, hunting trips and everything in between.

The one small caveat is that it can take quite some time to set up. Aside from its remarkable size, the Alaknak also features high-quality tent cloth material, which is water resistant. It can also take a serious beating and can survive a bit of stormy weather.


The Ultimate Alaknak tent is divided into a couple of different areas and features both a separate entrance and exit door, with awnings above them to protect against rain, snow, and bugs.


You can fit around 11 beds in the main area, but you’re free to the use the interior room however you’d like.


The massive tent by Cabela’s also features a zippered panel on the floor, which means you can safely bring a stove to cook some warm meals. There’s also an optional roof panel and it has everything you could possibly need to camp comfortably.


All walls are also equipped with multi-panel windows, which means you can always take a quick glance at the wonderful views of nature outside.


The fold-down shelves are another cool feature of the Ultimate Alaknak tents and can save you some space with cup holders and pockets to hold all types of gear.


With ten included perimeter poles, an additional two support poles and an exterior pole, this tent mansion certainly is sturdy as well.

This amazing tent base camp retails for $1,499 and weighs a whopping 127 pounds. A bit pricey perhaps, but it’s a perfect family tent to spend a couple of relaxing days outdoors!

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