> The future of air travel: Windowless planes will give passengers a panoramic view of the sky

The future of air travel: Windowless planes will give passengers a panoramic view of the sky


When first time air travel was invented, passengers have been fighting over the window seat, but not anymore, as The Center for Process Innovation, a Britissh technology and research firm, is about to create the future of air travel!

There will be no windows in the futur planes. Instead, the whole length of the plane will covered in OLED touch screens. So everyone can enjoy the sky view during the flight.

The launch of these planes is expected to happen within 10 to 15 years.

The touch screens with be connected to cameras that are place all over the outside of the plane. This allows the screens to display a realistic view of what is going on around the plane outside.

If you get sick of looking at the sky, you can turn the virtual window into an entertainment system as well.

You have no idea what OLED-touch screen technology means ? OLED is an abbreviation for organic light-emitting diode. This means that there is a film comprised of organic compounds the is capable of projecting light as a reaction to an electrical current.

The term seems scientific, but this technology is actually used in televisions, tablets, mobile phones, and computer monitors. By the time these planes are actually manufactured. there will most likely be a more advanced screen on the market.

With the entire walls of the plane covered with screens, passengers could enjoy the view surrounding them and never have to worry about getting a window seat again.

They say the projections on the screens will reflect the real world outside, I’m sure this new technology will excite a few conspiracy theorists.

This cool, new concept isn’t without its setbacks. Many people have raised concerns that the amount of light caused by all the screens might cause some passengers discomfort.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the future of transportation!

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