> The Good Boy Couldn't Let His Human Brother Suffer The Punishment Alone

The Good Boy Couldn’t Let His Human Brother Suffer The Punishment Alone


Peyton and his dog Dash have become inseparable best friends over the years. They do everything together, including not the most pleasant things in life. Peyton, like all small children, was in trouble the other day when he got into a fight with his sister. To teach him a lesson, his parents asked him to get up on time so they could think about why he was wrong.

But Peyton wouldn’t be over in the corner all alone for long. His buddy Dash took notice and joined his human brother so he wouldn’t have to face the punishment by himself! When Mom went to check on how Peyton was doing, she saw the heartwarming scene and snapped a photo.

Dogs are very loyal and their unconditional love is invincible. This is a great example of why we call them man’s best friend!