> Thief breaks into woman’s car but forgets his phone inside . Then woman calls thief’s mom

Thief breaks into woman’s car but forgets his phone inside . Then woman calls thief’s mom


Upon finding that her car had been broken into, Eliza Webb decided to keep the police out of the unfortunate incident. Instead, she went in for the big guns. She called the thief’s mother.

That’s right. The person who broke into Webb’s car took a few of her personal possessions, but he also left his phone on the front seat. With minimal investigative work, Webb was able to find the thief’s mother’s phone number. She gave her a call and explained what had happened.


Now, this story might seem like a pretty funny one, but what happens next will really touch your heart.

As someone who works with teens, Webb is no stranger to the stupid and rash decisions that they make. Believing that everyone deserves a second chance, she tried to find an effective way to help the young man realize that he did something wrong without involving the police.

Before she even arrived to talk to the teen, the guilt of his actions had already set in.


“He answered in just sort of a defeated look,” Webb told ABC News. “He looked like he’d been crying.”

As it turns out, Webb’s car wasn’t the only one that the teen and his friends had hit that night. They had broken into and stolen from nearly ten cars. Now, most people at this point would call in the police for some back up, but Webb stayed level-headed and continued to think of alternative ways to get through to the boys. She knew that she could determine a way to make sure that justice was served and that the boys would understand the weight of their poor decisions.


After a long discussion with the teen and his mother, the three came up with a plan for him to gather all of the items that they’d stolen and to go house to house returning them.

So, the boys did just that. They went house to house returning the items, personally apologizing to each and every victim, and in turn asking for forgiveness.

Webb’s homegrown justice really was an act of mercy in an otherwise stressful situation. It takes a big person to think of the other person when they’re the victim, but lucky for these boys, she did just that. Let’s just hope these teens learned their lesson and stay out of trouble.

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