I Thought Stickers On Fruit Were Just Meant To Determine The Price. Here’s What They Really Mean…


fruitEvery time you pick up a fruit from the grocery store, you’ll notice a round fruit sticker on it. While you probably just ignored them in the past, those stickers actually reveal many truths about the food that you’re eating. If you’re not paying attention, you could be eating the wrong thing.

Scroll down to discover all the secrets about fruit sticker labels and make sure you’re eating the best food you can.

To start off, you should know that the stickers and glue are edible and FDA approved. While it won’t hurt you, you probably will still want to take the sticker off. Fruit tastes better than sticker.

The digits 3-4-8-9 all have meaning. While it may sound like a code to your high school locker, they not. But they are a secret code! If the code starts with 3 or 4 then the fruit was conventionally grown using pesticides. If the code starts with 9 it was organically grown. Starts with 8? It’s been genetically modified.

Codes are the same for fruit everywhere in the United States. Want conventionally grown bananas? Then you’ll find the code 4011 anywhere you buy fruit. It doesn’t matter if it’s Dole, Del Monte, etc. That banana’s PLU number will always stay the same.

There are more than 1,400 PLU codes associated with fruits and other produce. Have you tried every fruit and vegetable out there?

Some Chinese harvesters attach a PLU sticker to their apple harvest while it’s growing. They then remove the sticker before harvest. The result is the Rolls Royce Apple which costs $100 and up!

Don’t want to trash your fruit labels? Send them to Barry Snyder. He collects them and turns them into art on his canvas.

Do you wash your fruit with food-grade soap to remove pesticides? Soon you won’t have to! Inventors have created a food label that turns into fruit soap when it comes into contact with water. How ingenious!

Want to know more about the mysterious behind your fruit stickers? Check out the video.

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