She Threw Her Boarding Pass Away After She Landed, Now Her Life Is Ruined. Hear This Dire Warning…


No one likes to travel during the holidays. While being with family or on a beach for your vacation is usually enjoyable, the traveling aspect is often riddled with stress and tension. Like getting throughTSA security. And that’s just one piece of the unending struggle of travel.

But you face a hidden threat every time you travel. And it hides inside your boarding pass. Criminals are able to steal your identity and other precious information with just the discarded and seemingly useless piece of paper that got you onto the plane.

Once your plane has landed and you’re safely at your destination, it’s okay to throw your boarding pass into the trash. Right?

In the short video below, you’ll learn to think twice about discarding your boarding pass at the airport or anywhere someone can get their hands on it.

While your boarding pass it vital to helping you get through TSA security and onto the plane, most travelers simply lose it once they’re on the plane.

But leaving your boarding pass in the trash, in the pocket in front of you on the plane, or even sharing an image of it on social media is a bad idea.

Why? Because boarding passes have revealing information in the scannable barcode.

With a simply smartphone app and your old boarding pass, anyone with a little expertise can steal your identity.

Some airlines like Southwest scramble the information on the barcode so thieves can’t get it. But other airlines don’t protect you. Hackers can access your frequent flier account and your personal information.

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