> Tim Tebow creates a prom for those with special needs, gives thousands an unforgettable memory

Tim Tebow creates a prom for those with special needs, gives thousands an unforgettable memory


Tim Tebow is no stranger to showing compassion and care for the people he encounters in his life. A stronger believer in faith, Tebow has always tried to do what he could to help others using the incredible wealth his amazing talents in football have allowed him to acquire.

Following the tradition of putting the needs of others before his own, Tebow began an event known as the Night to Shine in 2015, where individuals with special needs can enjoy an extravagant prom night that they might not have experienced before.

Source: Tim Tebow Foundation

The event is entirely paid for, leaving no worries for the guests of honor. Sparing no expense, Tim holds the event in a beautiful venue and decks the hall out with incredible decorations. With a red carpet and some paparazzi set up in front, the Night to Shine is truly the event of a lifetime.

The honored guests are given all the bells and whistles when they enter the venue, including professional makeup artists, prom essentials such as corsages, and a massive dancing hall. Guests are truly treated like stars, making this prom like none other. Keeping true with the spirit of only inviting guests of honor, anybody who comes to the Night to Shine is crowned a prom king or queen.

Source: Tim Tebow Foundation

The Night to Shine is only two years old, but it has gained a lot of traction since it opened its doors in 2015. Working with churches to spread this amazing event across the world, almost four hundred different churches over 12 different countries will open their own doors on Valentine’s Day and hold their own version of the Night to Shine. In less than two years, Tebow has created a global prom for people with special needs, spreading his love and caring all over the world.

Source: Tim Tebow Foundation

“I’ve been blown away by the incredible growth of the Night to Shine movement. It is so awesome to see what happens when churches around the world set aside their individual banners and names to do what I believe the church was called to do, which is simply love God and love people,” Tebow explained.

Tim Tebow may be a world famous NFL star, but his incredibly achievements have never stopped him from remembering his true calling in life, which is simply being a good person. With his unrelenting love and care for people everywhere, Tim Tebow is proving how success, money, and fame do not force a person to forget about what they truly care about.

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