Toddler spends three minutes shouting his love for Dad as he drives away

Even when they aren’t permanent, goodbyes can be hard. Few people know that as well as a toddler and his dad in a video posted on YouTube by Break Clips. The heartwarming video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times and gone viral, shows a toddler saying goodbye to his dad for at least three minutes.
At the start of the video, as his mom is standing on the porch, the diaper-clad toddler goes out to see his father leave. At first, the dad has to coax his son to give him a hug and say goodbye, but once the little boy gets started with his goodbyes, he doesn’t stop. As his dad gets into his truck and tries to drive away, the toddler stumbles down the driveway after his dad still telling him goodbye, that he loves him and to be careful.
The dad, seeing that his son followed him down the driveway, stops the truck and hops out of it. He gives his son one more hug, says something to the boy, then points toward the porch. The toddler waddles back up to the porch where his mom is still standing, but he doesn’t stop his affectionate farewells.
Watch the touching video below.