> Transform Your Home With These Brilliant DIY Dresser Drawer Upcycles

Transform Your Home With These Brilliant DIY Dresser Drawer Upcycles


I love taking on new DIY projects around the house.

And some of my favorite projects are ones where I get to upcycle old junk that’s been laying around. I’ve seen plenty of people use things like old tires to make home improvements. But until I saw these amazing DIY ideas, I had never thought to upcycle old dresser drawers.

There are so many possibilities for repurposing old drawers. Whether using them for storage, decoration, or an even more creative purpose, there seems to be no end to the DIY projects you can make.

These upcycles are perfect for someone like me, because they are all easy and inexpensive. And an old dresser drawer will add a great rustic element to my home. I’ll definitely be trying several of these!

Scroll through the images below to see some really amazing and creative ideas. Will you be making any of these for your home? Let us know in the comments.

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Transform your old dresser drawers into beautiful wall-hanging photo frames.


Turn an old drawer on its side and add some wheels to make the perfect endtable.


Create a comfortable and unique bed for your dog or cat.


Put several drawers together to make a gorgeous headboard with shelves.


Upcycle your drawer into the perfect container for living room knick-knacks.


Transform your drawer into a cool new ottoman.


Stack a couple of small drawers to add a beautiful, rustic flair to a regular lamp.


Get creative with your gardening with wall-mounted planters.


Or create a unique flower pot for your back deck.


Or even make an entire dresser drawer garden in your backyard.


Mount an old drawer for a great way to sort and hang your earrings.


Find even more easy-to-reach storage space under the bed by adding wheels to the drawers.


Paint two back-to-back drawers to make the perfect dollhouse for the kids to play with.


Very easily create an endtable book shelf by turning the drawer on its end.


Use the front panels of the drawers to make beautiful hooks for your foyer or bathroom.


Keep yourself organized with this gorgeous dresser drawer bulletin board.


Will you be trying any of these for your home? Let us know in the comments.

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