> Twin Babies Interact In The Womb

Twin Babies Interact In The Womb


Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke was using a new technology as part of a London medical study when she caught these twin babies fighting for space in the womb. They each seem to be trying to get more comfortable and, as a side-effect, they hit each other.

The new technology the doctor is using is called cine-MRI scan and is used to study twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. TTTS is when twins share a placenta that contains abnormal blood vessels which can cause one twin to get less nutrients than the other. This can result in one twin not growing normally or even death for the malnourished twin.

The possible results of this syndrome are quite unfortunate, but hopefully, with this new technology, doctors like Dr. Taylor-Clarke will be able to study it better and learn ways to prevent it or treat it.
Check out the video to see these twins pushing for space in the womb. Many mothers can relate to their children fighting to get the best spot on the couch or even pushing to get the best seat at dinner, but not many moms have seen their children fight before they are even born. You would think they could wait a little longer, but I guess they are ready to fight for space now.