An Underrated ‘Hillbilly’ Takes The Stage And Amazes The Audience And Judges Who Thought He Lacked What It Takes To Be A Musician


You need to have what it takes to take the stage and do a wonderful performance in front of an audience, judges and  the many viewers who might  watching from the comfort of their home. It may be even an uphill task when you have not gone through the formal training of doing it.

This is exactly what Kevin Skinner faced when he took the stage at American’s Got Talent. He was not kidding with his hillbilly persona and southern accent a thing that made the audience and judge Sharon Osbourne laugh at him. This self-proclaimed ‘ex-chicken catcher’ did not panic though he lacked formal training. Just by listening to popular country music musicians like Garth Brooks, he had taught himself how to sing and play guitar.

Judge Piers Morgan saves him from more humiliation and thinks more disaster is about to unveil by giving him the okay of performing. To the surprise of the laughing audience, Skinner gives the song entitled ‘‘If Tomorrow Never Comes” sang by Brooks the justice it deserves. The performance he gives to the sad song touches the judges who end up terming him as the real deal and a genuine person. Not even the audience considers him to be a joke any longer. Skinner ended up winning the AGT and was transformed from a humble farmer to a celeb.

I can’t find any right words to put it but this was simply a dream come true for Kevin Skinner.

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