> Unique Ways To Use Brackets Around The House

Unique Ways To Use Brackets Around The House


Brackets are good for more than just mounting things to the wall. They can also be used as unique decorative pieces in your home!

Antique Room “Street” Signs

Tag the rooms in your home with these charming bracket mounted signs. Inexpensive and easy to make, all you need are plant brackets, plaques, and cup hooks.



Uber Cool Yoga Mat Rack

Add some curved metal brackets underneath a shelf to create extra storage space. Jen over at IHeart Organizing found that it’s a perfect place to hang up a couple of yoga mats! You’ll finally be at peace knowing those smelly sneakers can’t touch them.


Upside Down Shelf

Add a touch of vintage luxury to your bathroom by using brackets to create this upside down shelf. You can find a step-by-step tutorial over at First Home Dreams.



Cute Plant Hanger

Upgrade your indoor plant decor with this simple DIY plant hanger. You’ll need a shelf bracket with pre-drilled holes and some heavy twine to hold the planter. There’s a great tutorial on this project from I Came To Dance.


Charming Over The Door Shelf

This idea for an over the door shelf from Poppytalk‘s blog not only saves space, but it also looks great. Simple to make, all you need is a wood shelf, matching bracket, and new coat of paint!



Cool Linen Compartments

Keep your clothes in line by organizing them into separate compartments. Curved wood brackets are a great way to keep them neatly separated and out of each other’s personal space!



Bracket Curtain Hooks

These rustic curtain hooks are an idea born out of Chapter 37‘s guest room makeover. Paired with a light and airy curtain, these wrought iron brackets add a very romantic ambiance to the room!



Bracket Bookends

Keep your favorite library of books safe and sound between these cute bracket bookends. Nikki over at Flourescent Beige has some great DIY instructions on how to organize the books piling up on your desk!



Bracket Wall Lamp

There’s no need to take up precious space with a bulky floor lamp. Simple yet chic, a wood IKEA bracket sets the framework for this cool wall lamp design. Now you have more floor room for the kids to play! Rikkie at That Nordic Feeling can show you how she made this space saving lighting fixture.



Best Way To Hold Onto Things

Built for function, brackets are made to hold stuff up. However, with a bit of creativity, brackets can make a home beautiful! From gorgeous antique signs to rustic curtain hooks, brackets can sometimes be loftier than the things they are meant to hold onto.