UPS driver finds pit bull waiting for him every day. The 2 are ‘family’ after tragic incident


Did you know there’s an entire Facebook page dedicated to the cute dogs that UPS drivers meet along their routes?

UPS Dogs is a place where drivers can upload pictures of adorable pups they meet throughout their day. How sweet is that? But before you get stuck scrolling through those cute pictures for hours on end, you’ll want to read this heartwarming story.

Katie Newhouser is a UPS driver that has been driving with the company for over 15 years. She meets plenty of wonderful dogs throughout her shifts. One dog, in particular, named Leo, was one of those precious pups she’d frequently visit.

Source: Facebook


Newhouser, a UPS driver, uploaded a post on Facebook about a dog named Leo — the story that accompanied the post is an emotional one.

Leo’s owner was named Tina — she had raised Leo since he was just a tiny puppy; before he was even weaned from the bottle. They formed an incredible bond, a bond that Newhouser could see every time she’d see them together. Newhouser, too, grew to love Leo after seeing him year after year.

“He would hear my truck come into the condo complex and start barking and scratching at the door to come down to the truck. He would love to come into the truck and go into the back to look around. I remember one day I was driving up one of my busier streets and they were coming down the street and all of a sudden there was Leo popping his head out the passenger side barking at me! He barked all the way down the street!” Newhouser says.

Source: Facebook

After returning home from vacation, Newhouser learned that Leo’s owner had passed away, leaving the dog with her son who was a Marine and unable to keep him.

Newhouser immediately called the son and asked if she could possibly take the dog. Given his schedule as a Marine, he knew he couldn’t take care of the dog the way he should — he agreed to give the dog up to Newhouser.

Even though she already had three dogs at home, she knew that Leo was meant to be with her.

“I do know that Leo missed Tina when he first got here. He would whine at night before he would fall asleep. It was heartbreaking, really. He still does every once in awhile. I know he misses her.”

Source: Facebook

Leo is a happy dog now, adjusting wonderfully to his new home. He loves playing with his new puppy siblings and has enough love to last a lifetime.