> Use Soda Can Tabs To Organize Your Closet

Use Soda Can Tabs To Organize Your Closet


If you type “how to organize” into a Google search bar, you will find “a closet” to be one of the most popular ways to end the phrase. Closet organization is such a commonplace problem that most large home stores such as Target and Home Depot maintain a category on their websites for products designed specifically for this purpose. Peeking at the pages of guides and tips that result from a Google search reveal that most solutions require purchasing decorative boxes or adding shelving.

What we loved about this tip is that it can be done easily, inexpensively, and for most people, immediately. According to Recycling Revolution, US Americans consume over 80 million beverages in aluminum cans per year. Based on the most recent census data, that is an average of two cans per household every day. In a week’s time, you could probably have all your closets redone in this fashion – and for free. There are some products on the market that are designed for the same purpose, but this method also allows you to decide if you want to chain two heavy coats together, or 5 light blouses. Fewer hangers on the rod also means they are less likely to get tangled as garments are shifted about.
After some much-needed downsizing, I am lucky enough to say that closet space is no longer an issue for me. I still love this tip, however, as a means of organizing my garments. Jacket and skirt sets can easily be kept together without getting a special type of hanger. This is also a great way to speed up my mornings. I can chain together my outfits for each day, making it easier to just pull them out.
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