> Video: If You Ever See A Cranberry Sauce Can Label Upside Down, There’s A Specific Reason

Video: If You Ever See A Cranberry Sauce Can Label Upside Down, There’s A Specific Reason



And just like that, another Thanksgiving season begins. With the holiday right around the corner, there is a good chance that you are planning your families upcoming feast. If you are hosting, you are probably divvying up all the sides and desserts that your guests will bring and if you are going somewhere, you are probably working on perfecting that side dish that you’re responsible for. Either way, there is a good chance that your are scouring the net for advice and tips on how to make your Thanksgiving meal perfect. Well, we have one tiny tidbit of advice that might help you along the way, and it involves one of the Thanksgiving favorites…canned cranberry sauce.

There is a good chance this staple will be present at your holiday table, so there is no time like the present to learn about the proper way of opening the can.

First of all, when you purchase your cans of cranberry sauce this year, take a good look at them. What do you notice?

Have you noticed that all the cranberry cans are upside down and the rounded edges are at the top? If you’ve noticed this before…good for you. If you’re just learning about this quirky container now, then read on. You will see that the sharp part of the can is on the bottom. At first glance, it seems like the factory packaged and labeled them the wrong way. But, there is a reason, for everything right?

If you have been curious about this upside-down cranberry can issue before, then you may have done your own research. If you go to the store and look at all the various cranberry sauce brands, you will discover that it’s not a brand-wide factory flaw, but instead, it is done to cranberry sauce cans across the board.

In the photos below, you can see for yourself. When faced upright, the Ocean Spray can shows the rounded bottom at the top and the sharp edge at the bottom, in line with the labeling.

So, after some investigating, an Ocean Spray representative relayed the info that the design of the upside down can is not a flaw. The rep explained that the rounded end of the can, which is normally seen at the bottom, is filled with an air bubble vacuum. When you open it from this end, it allows the sauce to slide out easier.

And just when we thought that the can was just labeled upside down to fit the purpose of the air vacuum, we discovered we were wrong again. The cans are differently designed and the rounded part is not actually the bottom part. There is no reason to fret though. If you have been turning the cranberry sauce can upside down, you can still manage to get the sauce to slide out. You just need to take a flat knife and slide it between the edge of the can and the sauce in order to activate that handy air vacuum.

The majority of viewers have found this tip helpful, but others have known all along…

“Oh yeah, my mom taught me that years ago. Super easy!”