VIDEO: He Just Installed His New Fence, But What Happens With The Camera Pans Right? UNIMAGINABLE


Whether you’re building a backyard bench or fire pit, completing a home improvement project is not only gratifying but fulfilling. It feels good to do something hard and follow it through to completion.

So when this guy finished building his new fence to keep his dog in the yard, he felt pretty good about it. Until he caught this happening to it on the right side of the screen.

After dedicating his entire weekend to crafting a fence to keep his dog in the yard, the last thing he wants to see is the animal figuring out a way to escape.

“Just completing fixing this fence,” the man says in the video. “Pretty proud of it, I’d have to say.”

The fence does look sturdy and like he certainly knows what he’s doing.

But will it serve its purpose. Can it keep his dog Stella in the yard?

He quickly finds out that no, the fence isn’t up to the task.

When he gives Stella her first look at the fence, she runs around the yard and gauges its height. Within 20-seconds, she finds the shortest spot on the fence and easily jumps right over it out of the man’s yard.

His only response is “Damn it.” All that hard work for naught.

“On the bright side, Stella is in great shape,” one astute viewer commented on YouTube.

Check out the short clip included below because it is hilarious!

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