VIDEO: He Never Throws Away His Eggshells. Instead He Turns Them Into THIS…This is BRILLIANT!


Unless you put your vegetable remains and egg shells into the compost, you’re probably just tossing them into the trash.

But as you’re about to find out, tossing egg shells into the trash is a big no-no. Not because of any environmental issues, but because you’re throwing away a useful source of calcium.

Discover how to harness the calcium from eggshells when you scroll down.

Why do gardeners tell you to put eggshells into your dirt? Because they’re rich in calcium. This is especially useful for those of you who grow tomatoes because the mineral fights blossom end rot.

  1. Instead of tossing egg shells, store them. When you’re going to use them, just pop them into your blender.
  2. Set the machine on high and crumble up the pieces. You’ll be left with a fine powder.
  3. Now sprinkle the egg shell powder onto your dirt and in your garden. It’ll boost the calcium content of your soil.
Warning: You are crushing eggshells so there might be a smell. Also, clean your blender thoroughly before using again.

Want another often-tossed food that can really give your garden a boost? Save your coffee grinds too. These can really liven up your garden soil.

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