VIDEO: She Ties Dozens Of Paper Towels In Her Hair And Goes To Sleep. When She Wakes Up? AWESOME!


If you’re looking for a simple way to completely change your normal look, one of the fastest ways is to curl your hair.

Not only is a set of freshly curled locks perfect for a formal affair or party, it can transform how you look for school or work. But as everyone knows, the process of curling your hair can be daunting. Do something wrong and you risk messing everything up and embarrassing yourself.

But leave the hard work to YouTube channel Cute Girl Hairstyles. They’ve shared a super easy way to curl you hair. It’s cheap and takes little effort. Scroll down to discover it for yourself!

In this simple hair curling method, you’ll discover how with some paper towels and time, you can create a beautiful curled hair look that will make your friends’ jaws drop.

First, take a shower and dampen your hair. Then grab strands of your moist hair and roll them up around a piece of paper towel. You can choose to roll up or down.

Roll the curl all the way up to your desired end point, then tie the paper towel around the rolled-up hair strand. Repeat until your entire head is tied up.

Give your hair a few hours to dry with the paper towel in it. Or better yet, go to sleep with the curls in place.

After you’ve given your hair enough time, undo the paper towels pieces and check out your new curly hairstyle!

For the entire tutorial, check out the video below to see entire process for yourself.

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