VIDEO: These Twins Don’t Realize They’ve Been Born Yet. What Happens When Placed In The Water? WOW!


There is something about the bonding between twins that is inexplicable.  Many people may deny that such bond exists, but increasing amounts of video evidence speak otherwise.

One video posted on YouTube shows what is perhaps one of the strongest and most powerful videos demonstrating the loving bond between twins that you will ever see.

There is a method of giving babies a bath called the Thalasso Baby Bath.  It deserves a special name because it has a special purpose.  The Thalasso baby bath, if executed correctly, will provide the baby being washed with a feeling of still being in the womb.

The Thalasso technique was invented by nurse Sonia Rochel, who has worked with babies for an extended period of time.

Rochel says that babies always talk to us, just nobody listens.  She states that over the years of interacting with babies, she was able to develop this new way of giving them a bath.

In the video, two twins are being bathed with the Thalasso bathing technique, and the result is stunning.

While inspirational music is being played, the twins can be seen embracing each other with a loving, and subconscious connection that simply cannot be explained save for the fact that they are twins.

What could be holding these twins together so closely?

The twin’s eyes are closed, and they can be seen in each other’s embrace for the entirety for the video.

If you would like to see the video showing the beautiful bonding between the two twins, check it out below and let us know your thoughts on this stunning footage.


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