VIDEO: He Went To Rip Weeds From His Lawn. Hours Later He’s Dead. You Could Be Next. BE WARNED…


It is not uncommon to hear about somebody being stung by a bee or a wasp of some sort, as such type of insects and little bugs are very common in the outdoors.

While getting stung by a bumblebee may hurt, it is not dangerous at all and is in fact worse for the bee itself rather than for the person that got stung.  Yellow jackets and wasps pose a whole new threat though, because they are faster, stronger, and have much more powerful poison in their stingers than bees do.

That is why if somebody is allergic to bee stings, getting stung by a wasp can be extremely painful, and sometimes even fatal if not handled correctly.

One man from Tampa, Florida, was out gardening on a seemingly normal day when he did not notice a wasp nest hidden beneath some plants in his front lawn.

John Clark missed the nest, and accidentally stepped on it, ushering a swarm of yellow jackets to come out and attack him.

John got stung four times, and made his way inside to rest and get treatment.

Hi wife went and grabbed John an ice pack to help reduce the swelling, and John sat down to try and recover from the extremely painful stings that were attacking his body.

Soon after getting stung though, John started acting strange.  He started experiencing numbness, and had difficulty breathing.  Something was evidently not right.

It was only an hour after getting stung when John was gasping for air and told his wife three last words, “I love you” before he took his last breath and died.  Doctors did everything they could to get his system back up and running, but to no avail.

This was the case of a severe allergic reaction that John had experienced called anaphylaxis.  This type of condition can be triggered from an allergic reaction from a wasp like John was stung by, but this type of condition is extremely dangerous due to its stealth.

Many people do not even know they can get anaphylaxis from a wasp or bee sting, and anybody can develop it at any point in their lifetime.  It is important to get tested for this type of reaction if you are going to be spending time outdoors or doing yard work.

You never know when you might get stung by a bee, even if it’s just doing the front garden like John was.

A simple way to prevent the severe and deadly reaction is with an EpiPen which injects a measured dose of epinephrine into your body to stop the reaction, but it must be taken in a very short time window after being stung.

If you want to learn more about John and his life, experience, and death, you can find out more in the Fox newscast below and let us know if you are familiar with anybody with an allergy to bee and wasps stings and what they do to make sure that they are safe when they trek outside or go work in the garden.