VIDEO: If You’re Ever Bound By Duct Tape, This One Simple Move Will Save Your Life Every Time…


Hopefully, you’ll never need to put this escape trick into practice. But in the event that armed robbers or kidnappers ever duct tape your hands together, you’ll want to have this tip in the back of your mind in order to help you escape to freedom.

While the possibility of this scenario happening to you might seem as far-fetched as winning the lottery, in reality it happens far more than you would think. Kidnappings happen across Mexico every day and in America, more than 800,000 children are reported missing each year. As for burglaries, those crimes happen about 3.7 million times each year. And 1 million of those times, a household member was present. About 260,000 of those people became victims of violent crimes.

Watch the trick below so you know how to break free if your wrist are wrapped in duct tape. You never know when this trick will come in useful…

In the clip, which originally aired on Dateline, it’s much easier to escape from duct tape than you might think.

Inspired by a victim of an armed robbery who was bound in duct tape, a reporter decided to figure out how to break free of such a restraint. The Dateline employee turned to a CIA insider for answer.

The former CIA agent said that if you raise your duct-tape bound hands above your and then quickly lower the down over your waist, you can snap the bind.

The seemingly indestructible duct tape isn’t as tough as we thought…

In the clip, the reporter has her wrists wrapped multiple times with duct tape. She says it is very tight and she is skeptical that it will work. At the 1-minute mark, she raises her arms above her head.

“I’m going to do this with all the force I have. Ready? 1…2…3…” She shoots her arms down by her waist and *snap* the duct tape breaks.

“Oh my gosh!” she says. “It actually worked. That is incredible. We just wrapped that three or four times.”

As you can tell, there have to be a few conditions present in order for you to break free. First, your hands need to be wrapped in front of you. Second, it needs to be regular duct tape.

One user offered a suggestion if your hands are tied behind your back.

“If your hands are tied at the back…sit down and move your hand under your bottom and legs…then do this method,” Takeshi Andrew wrote on YouTube.

This is only one of many tips you should learn in order to prepare for worst case scenarios…

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Besides duct tape, criminals also use zip ties to restrain their victims. Learn how to break these increasingly common binds today.

Do you think this duct tape method would work for most people?

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