> Watch What The Baby Does When Dad Starts To Play – Your Heart Will MELT!

Watch What The Baby Does When Dad Starts To Play – Your Heart Will MELT!


He may be a just a few months old, but this little baby is already Dad’s biggest critic…or is he a fan?

Instead of being an average parent and just pressing play on a mobile or noisemaker to put his son to sleep, the dad in this video deserves some big recognition for stepping up his game and pulling out his guitar.

I’m a big fan of when parents play music or sing for their little ones. Some even end up becoming big stars on YouTube, like this single mom who sang her daughter a sweet song that ended up going viral.

It’s so important that parents take time to expose their kids to the healing powers of sound, something that can enhance our life from the time when we’re still in the womb, all the way to when we’re old and need it most, like this senior who was unresponsive for years. Humans just need music in their lives — it’s that simple.

In the following video, the dad may not be playing his seven-month-old son a sweet lullaby, but he is doing a really great job at introducing his baby boy to one of his favorite pastimes, playing his guitar. However, something tells me Dad didn’t expect his son to laugh at him.

The baby is probably just enjoying the “funny” sounds he’s hearing, but you still can’t help but laugh!

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