> Watch The Clip That Had Anchors Laughing So Hard They Couldn’t Continue The News [Video]

Watch The Clip That Had Anchors Laughing So Hard They Couldn’t Continue The News [Video]


When there is nothing going on in the world, the news channelsneed to generate some buzz. So when the news anchors realize that there isn’t any breaking news in their neck of the woods, they need to find something that will entertain the viewers tuning in.

As a result, they report on a British man who has found new meaning as a goat. And his strange lifestyle has been rewarded with fame – and an awesome report by these news anchors that just can’t stop laughing at the guy.

And once you see this funny clip, you won’t be able to stop laughing either because what goes on her is absolutely contagious!

Because the goat man thought that humans are trapped in our own brains and perception of the world, he decided to put on an outfit and start living life as a goat in order to experience an alternate reality.

Because the man has gone overboard in his adaption of a goat lifestyle, he has won the Ig Nobel prize which aims to “honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think.”

The goat man had a set of prosthetic legs built and then spent three days living among the goats in the Alps.

“He did it because he wanted a simpler life,” the news anchor says. And that’s when she can’t contain her laughter and things start to spiral out of control. “And he said it was fascinating. A little bizarre.”

“Don’t watch the video while trying to read the script,” the female anchor says as she breaks down into tears of laughter at the hilarious moment she has just reported on for the entire world.

Because the moment was so funny, thousands of commented on the YouTube video which was uploaded last week.

Here are some of the more popular comments that people liked.

“I’m a goat and found this very offensive”

“I hope he don’t have any ‘kids’”

“Why are white people so weird”

“This man identifies as a goat. Feminist have ruined his brains.”

“poor guy. our digestive system isn’t built to digest grass that well.”

“I’ll be honest, I kinda didn’t find the goat guy all that funny. In fact, the reporting itself kinda disgusted me. I look at the goat guy and think ‘Either he’s legit crazy, he’s legit got emotional problems, or he was just honestly curious, or he honestly wanted to do it for some kind of weird research/self-knowledge idea’. None of those are reasons to mock or ridicule a guy, no matter how weird the situation. Is it kind of amusing in a ‘bizarreness/strangeness’ way? Sure. But not a reason to make fun of the dude.”

“It’s just funny.  He was bending over on stilts and eating raw grass seriously.  How is that not funny?”

“I to felt the need to hang out with goats until I made some real friends and got a job, so yeah”

“this isnt funny , this is sad, that man is obviously mentally ill…”

Do you think this goat man has problems?

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