Watch As A Mama Deer’s Newborn Baby Takes His First Steps


For many people, there’s nothing more miraculous than birth. To witness a child or even an animal being born is a privilege — and bound to leave us in awe of the beauty of life. And for many mothers to give birth is one of the greatest things a woman can do. When we saw a mama moose gave birth to her tiny twins, we couldn’t stop watching!

The wonders don’t stop there: a man caught another one of these little miracles in his yard. He says that the female mule deer was acting a little funny, so he decided to whip out his camera.

And lucky for us, he did so he couldn’t share this amazing sight with the world! Before you know it, the deer gives birth and she’s a proud new mama!

The baby is out of sight at first, but soon enough, when the man zooms in, you see it: The tiny creature, still slick, struggles to move as mom licks and nudges him. It still stuns us how, just minutes out of the womb, the tiny baby is expected to stand and walk around!

Now watch how mom decided to help him.

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